Total tracking of your deliveries
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us delivery tracking real time delivery tracking

Give the best shopping experience
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Control your fleet
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Simplicity and connectivity
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Make a real difference: Beetrack will make your clients happier and your deliveries more efficient

Online Tracking Tool - Online Tracking Service


online tracking tool
Online Tracking Service

Track the details of each one of your deliveries in an easy and simple way.

shipment tracking
Photographic Record

Delivery Tracking Software

Check photographically what is happening with your client's deliveries.

tracking shipment
GPS Location

Locate the exact place and time in which your deliveries are made and control your fleet.

Web Access

Shipment Tracking Software

With Beetrack you can view the status of your deliveries and the behavior of your drivers from any device.

Quick setup

Real Time Delivery Tracking

Just install it on the driver's mobile phone. No more costly PDAs!

Measure your Performance

With Beetrack you can measure what is happening with your deliveries: compliance levels, reasons of package rejection and many other variables.


All the information of your deliveries Package Tracking Software System

Know online about the place, time and condition in which your deliveries are made, as well as the estimated time of the remaining packages.

Reduce call center load

Inform your clients by email, sms or through your web page the estimated time of their delivery in a proactive way. This will put an end to uncertainty and attention costs.

Control your transport fleet

Get the key indicators to control your fleet's performance and in that way offer a better service to your clients.

Enhance your client's experience

Improve your client's loyalty by giving them the best shopping experience.


Beetrack is part of Inzpiral.

Inzpiral provides a suite of Business Intelligence solutions, easy to use and fast to implement. Improving the decision making based in KPI’s control and information related to product penetration, distribution and revenue management.

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